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Justice Minister Ould Daddah said times had changed since the original law was written in 1983, and "consequentially the law has to move on," AMI reported.Kidnappings and regional factionalism, coups and military juntas: life has hardly been easy for the great slab of the African Maghreb that is Mauritania.The decision follows the release on November 9 of a blogger previously condemned to death for criticising religious justification for discrimination in Mauritanian society.A new bill will "harden up expected sentences for blasphemers," the government of the west African nation said in a statement released by the official AMI news agency."Every Muslim, man or woman, who mocks or insults Mohammed (peace be upon him), his angels, books...

Being one of the most varied hub for cultural & Civilizational exchange and influence in the region, Mauritania is favourably situated between the Maghreb Arab and Black Africa; two poles that admirably embody the immensity of the great Sahara desert on one side and the exoticism of the vast Sahal.

The decision to free blogger Cheikh Ould Mohamed Ould Mkheitir for time served after his sentence for blasphemy was downgraded from death to two years in jail caused clashes and outrage in Mauritania last week.

A Muslim in his thirties, Mkheitir was sentenced in December 2014 over a blog which questioned decisions taken by the Prophet Mohammed and his companions during holy wars in the seventh century.

The Government has a responsibility to ensure that the elections are held in conformity with the international human rights obligations of Mauritania, and should take all necessary measures to ensure free, transparent and credible elections, she stressed.

Nouakchott - Showing repentance will no longer prevent the death penalty from being applied for blasphemy and apostasy, Mauritania said on Friday, as the conservative Muslim nation hardens up its religious laws.Although the practice is abusive, mothers claim there is no other way to secure a good future for their children.

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