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The original settlement was on the right bank of the Amstel, on the present Warmoesstraat: it is therefore the oldest street in the city.

The city has expanded in all directions, except to the north of the ring motorway.

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The 'Amsterdam' that most people know is the city centre, the semicircle with Central Station at its centre.

He smiled and made every attempt to engage me in conversation and put me at ease.

I’m so grateful to have been able to glean so much from such a talent!

The sale, possession, and consumption of small quantities of cannabis, while illegal, is ignored by authorities under a policy of gedogen (tolerance).

This does not mean that you can get away with anything in Amsterdam.And high as a kite I was, with three days away from my regular work, five days of total immersion, a heartfelt blessing from my lovely wife and set in the brownstone tree lined neighborhood of the upper west side upon the island of Manhattan taking part in one of my favorite avocations. The prospect of playing solo in front of a jury of my peers was daunting. The first master class with Maestro Mariano Aguirre went well and he provided invaluable insights into my technique. The ensemble playing and sight reading was quite challenging. To make a longer story just that much shorter, despite the fact that I’d played my particular chosen selection for well over 25 year, it involves tricky hand motions and combination of quick figures.

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