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18-Nov-2016 17:00

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On the flip side, Port Aventura continues to evolve to accommodate popular trends and themes.

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For others, the thought of this is enough to put them off.Kids growing up in the watch-anything-you-want-in-an-instant era don’t spend their Sunday afternoons watching Western films with their grandparents; instead of amazing them, the cowboy and Indian theme in Frontierland baffles them.And don’t even get me started on It’s A Small World – the ride that takes you past singing animatronic children from around the globe.These days it just seems weird; very few people under the age of 50 understand what the experience is about and you don’t realise what you’ve let yourself in for until it’s too late.

Then you have to spend the rest of the day with the irritating yet insanely catchy tune running relentlessly through your brain.Since then, Eva and Ryan have shared a handful of sweet moments, starred in a movie together, and welcomed their two kids, daughters Esmeralda and Amada.

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