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An identical decree was adopted by the Second Council of the Province of Australia in 1869, but Propaganda did not sanction it and declared that the matter should preferably be determined by the various diocesan synods.This was likewise the opinion of the Fathers of the Second Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1866.In Canada, the Provincial Council of Halifax in 1857 declares: "As the bishop is constituted not for one part but for all parts of his diocese, and as he labours and watches for all alike, all are obliged to contribute for his proper sustenance".

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The Cardinal Prefect of the Propaganda, writing to the bishops of the Province of Cincinnati in 1857, says: "The right of the bishop to receive support from his diocese has been recognized; nevertheless, the application and determination of the means of support can best be treated of in diocesan synods, because cognizance can then be taken of the state and condition of each diocese ".It is there said to be similar to that already sanctioned for some bishops in Canada and Ireland : each bishop is to receive a third of the revenues of one or two parishes ; or the fourth or fifth part of three or four parishes ; or the tenth part of practically all the parishes in his diocese, having regard to the circumstances of each parish.

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