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The high-level goal of UDI development is to create custom wizard pages that can be displayed in the UDI Wizard.By creating custom wizard pages, you can extend the existing features of UDI to meet the business and technical requirements of your organization.Typically, when deploying operating systems using the OSD feature, you must provide all the necessary information for deploying the operating system.The information is configured in configuration files or in databases (such as the Custom file or the MDT database [MDT DB]).This method is called each time the page is displayed (shown) in the UDI Wizard.It is called the first time the page is displayed and each time you navigate to the page by clicking Next or Back in the wizard.This guide assumes that you are familiar with the development of Windows applications using: This guide provides the necessary reference information to help you customize UTI for your organization.

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Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the UDI Wizard Designer and the UDI Wizard. Relationship between the UDI Wizard and UDI Wizard Designer Figure 1.

Verify that the UDI development environment is configured correctly by determining whether: The Sample Page project provides an example of how to create a custom wizard page for the UDI Wizard.

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