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The approach is to determine how many different ways the above marginal frequencies can be achieved and then determine the probability that the above observed cell configuration can be obtained merely by chance.

We can restrict our attention to any one of the cells since once the frequency for one cell is determined the frequencies for the other cells can be determined from the marginal totals.

It works in exactly the same way as the Chi-square test for independence; however, the Chi-square gives only an estimate of the true probability value, an estimate which might not be very accurate if the marginal is very uneven or if there is a small value (less than five) in one of the cells.

In such cases the Fisher exact test is a better choice than the Chi-square.

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For other sized contingency tables only the p-value of the two-tailed test can be returned.

For Example 1, FISHERTEST(B6: C7,1) = .024172 and FISHERTEST(B6: C7, 2) = .029973.

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