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The head is red and yellow carnelian agate w sparkling clear crystal eyes. This pre-Columbian artifact was probably a child's toy or mother's keepsake; 2 parts.

2.0"h; 66 gm What Happened to the Mega Fauna and the Paleo-Indian? A geological black-layer deposit of carbon containing nano-diamonds at over 50 locations in North America tells the tale: About 12,900 years ago a huge Ice Age comet hit the atmosphere just above Canada.

About 16,000 years ago, the spruce forest became denser, and closed forest developed.

This spruce forest lasted for about 1,000 years, until about 15,000 years ago, when climate warmed and deciduous trees became more abundant, including balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera), black ash (Fraxinus nigra), and ironwood (Ostrya virginiana or Carpinus caroliniana).

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The exact date humans came to North America will not be found soon, but the Hebior and Schaefer Wisconsin mammoth sites about 350 miles northeast of our recovery site were recently carbon-dated to 15,000 to 16,500 years ago and contained artifacts that were basically cutting and skinning tools.

What was the climate like when people first came here?

The Chicago region in particular was once under the southern edge of the Wisconsinan ice sheet.According to some, this environment may have driven Mammoth and other large fauna out of their cool grazing lands reducing their numbers into sparsely populated small herds in this region.This cheeky little toddler is even cuter in real life.The discoverer, Geologist James Kennett, also found an abnormally high percentage of these nano-diamonds in a Greenland Glacier at the 12,900-year layer.

What happens next is like something out of a Dooms-Day sci-fi movie: The exploding comet creates a giant white-hot tornado and sets forests ablaze killing off just about everything and everybody in North America.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.